Váci Malom Kft.

Address: H-2600. Vác,
Szilassy út 5.


Fax: +36-27-311-698

Crop shop:


Vác is in the left side of the Danube, where the river turns south. Thanks to the town favorable geographical location the mill industry is always very important. Ship mills milled the wheat in the past in the Danube bend. The millers transposed their function to the safe land after the industry rose. The mill was originally an episcopal mill and granary and then the then lodger bought it in the 1920-30 years. The mill building was built in the year's of 1950. There was fractionally executed reconstruction from 1991. On the result the mill wheat mill capacity is 100t/day. 25 employees work in the mill. It has been privatized in 1993. The mill operates in 100% Hungarian own Ltd.

The mill, which gives important part of flour needs in the Danube bend mills excellent quality flour from selected wheat. We check the quality of the wheat and the flour with laboratory analysises and baking try-out loaves. The mill uses HACCP quality assurance system. We aspire correct business contact both in wheat buying and flour marketing. We are on good terms with our partners. The bakers and paste-making industry get flour in bulks and bags and fodder processing industry gets fodders (bran, fodder flour) in bulks and bags. Our pet food and crop shop turn over pet foods, whole fodders, fodders and milling products.